How does believr contend with the Bible verses condemning homosexuality?

As a company, believr is not a religious organization, but the co-founders are LGBTQ+ Christians. believr exists to ultimately create a space to find connection, belonging, and love. It's something that we, as co-founders, have personally yearned for. It is not the mission of this company to refute verses, condemning homosexuality. That said, there are other organizations that are devoted to this work, like The Reformation Project, QCF, Freed Hearts, and Beloved Arise. They're doing an amazing job, but that is not our job. We'd rather point people to these orgs who are devoted to these questions. That said, we are a part of the LGTBQ+ community and stand against the abuse and marginalization caused by the misinterpretation of these verses.

As the co-founders of believr, our personal view is that the verses surrounding homosexuality have been misinterpreted. For years they have been used to divide and abuse the LGBTQ+ community, which goes directly against the mission of Jesus. We believe that we live in a different time, and just as verses around women and church structure have changed in light of a changing world, we believe that the verses regarding gender and sexuality should also change. Above all, we believe everyone has inherent value and is worthy of connection, regardless of who they love, regardless of what they believe.

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