Where did the idea for believr come about?

The idea for believr ultimately came from a personal need. Both Brandon and Adam were wanting to find partners but felt like there wasn't a space for that type of connection. In LGBTQ+ places, their faith became an obstacle because of the damage the Church had inflicted upon the LGBTQ+ community. In Christian spaces, they were immediately disqualified for their sexual identity.

In classic-Adam fashion, he decided that if a space didn't exist, he was going to create one. "How am I supposed to find a husband if I don't create this space?" So in November of 2018, the idea for believr was formed, and Adam kidnapped Brandon to be his co-founder (an offense that Brandon will more than forgive, as he's loved being a part of the project).

From that conversation in November, Brandon and Adam went to QCF, hosting a booth for the app to see if there was interest. Over the course of the conference, over 1,5000 people signed up to be alerted when the app launched. It was then that we knew we had to do this. There was no turning back.

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