What is "Fuzzy Age"?

We built believr to mimic real life as much as possible. If you're out at the park and run into someone - more than likely you have no idea how old they are. To that end, we use something we like to call "Fuzzy Age". Fuzzy age is used in your preferences. If you set your preferences to 22 - 30 we will go 2 years below your minimum and 2 years above your maximum. believr's platform minimum is 18. We do not allow anyone under the age of 18 onto the platform at this time. 

We do this for two reasons: 

  1. Through our research, we've found that a large majority of users set their preferences to something with either a 0 or a 5 in it. Like 25 - 35 or 25 - 30.
  2. Going back to our mimicking real life as much as possible. If you were at an event and noticed someone you'd have no idea how old they are. A two-year buffer felt like a good balance between honoring what you put in your preferences, mimicking real life, and making the most connections for our community. 

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