How does the matcher work?

Magic, unicorns, and love! Haha, just kidding. Our Values-Based Matching It's actually based on some research that was published in 2019. The study is currently regarded as the best research available to show scientific results in creating a lasting romantic relationship. Is it perfect? Of course not. It is the best scientific research out there? Yup. The research basically says - to create lasting romantic relationships they should be based on shared values. That's why we match everyone based on our value quiz. Each value has a category that corresponds to other values that share a similar theme. Like God, Bible, Jesus and Faith. 

The matcher then uses your preferences to filter out folx you don't want to connect with based on age, gender identity, or desired relationship type. Once the matcher filters those out then the remaining get ranked and matched with you based on shared values.

The percent match is based on three variables.

  • Top 10 - Values - if you share any of the top 10 values.
  • Top 10 - Categories - if you share any of your top 10 values share the same value category. 
  • Top 5 - Values - if you share any of the same top 5 values. 

There are different weights and scores for each of the three variables. We take all that data and calculate your percentage to match with the other user.

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