Why do you charge for certain features in the app?

Creating an app is hard. Really really hard. It's taken us 2+ years from 20+ different people, countless sleepless nights, and some funds from Adam and an angel investor to get us to where we are now. But for believr to be viable, it must be able to survive on its own. Right now believr employees a team of contractors that support the building of the app. Adam doesn't take a paycheck and works on believr nights and weekends. We limit the viewing of profiles in the community spaces because we didn't want to limit or build other features. We're building believr to be different. Different than every other app. Other features that could have built but didn't are things like "super like" or "read receipts". We purposefully didn't build these features because those features are purposefully designed to feel something - a shot of dopamine straight to your brain. We don't want you to be addicted to believr. We want you to have a healthy relationship with our app so we don't build certain features and charge of others. If you have a better idea - we'd love to hear it!! 

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