We have 67 different values that we match humans on within the app. Here is the list.

Acceptance the reception of diverse people and ideas
Accountability to give account to others
Accuracy true, correct, without error
Achievement to accomplish something noteworthy
Adventure exciting new undertakings
Animals/Pets the lifestyle of owning and/or advocating for animals
Autonomy independent identity, self-governing
Balance the even distribution of energy and resources
Beauty that which causes us to wonder or to be in awe
Challenge to contest or call into question
Comfort the relief from affliction, solace
Communication the interchange of thoughts, ideas, and emotions
Community a group with common values and goals
Courage the willingness to face difficulty or danger, to take risks
Creativity to bring into being something new
Curiosity to question, to learn more, and to experience novelty
Dependability to be worthy of trust
Determination to be resolute in the face of adversity, resilience
Empathy to experience another's feelings
Environmental Sustainability the usage of resources in a responsible way
Equality the same rights and value for all
Faith to have confidence and/or trust in something or someone
Fame widespread reputation
Family the social unit one was born into or one builds
Financial Success to have freedom from debt and monetary independence
Freedom the ability to determine one's own actions without control
Friends a person one is attached to by choice rather than blood
Fun/Humor something that provokes laughter or amusement
Giving to tithe, to have benevolence, to bestow
God/Jesus/Holy Spirit the supreme being, the creator, the uncreated one, the Trinity
Gratitude to appreciate what one has in any or all aspects of life
Happiness/Joy pleasure, delight, contentment
Honesty truthfulness, sincerity
Inclusivity the act of not excluding based upon differences
Insight to apprehend the true nature of things by counseling with many voices
Integrity to have consistency between words and deeds
Intentionality to be deliberate and purposeful
Justice rightness, moral principles determining actions, administering punishment or reward
Kindness to be benevolent towards others, compassion
Leadership to guide or direct others
Learning knowledge acquired through study
Love tender affection towards another, wanting the best for another
Loyalty faithfulness to others and/or obligations
Mental Health psychological well-being
Modesty freedom from vanity, humility
Music the art of sound
Nature/Outdoors plants, animals, mountains, oceans
Openness the reception of new ideas or different viewpoints
Passion powerful emotions and energy towards someone or something
Peace to be calm or tranquil internally and/or with the external world
Physical Health to work out and be contentious of one's nutritious
Pop-culture the manifestation of arts, human intelligence, and customs
Power the ability to do or act, to exercise restraint
Privacy to be free from unwanted or undue intrusion
Recognition the acknowledgment of achievement
Resourcefulness the ability to deal with skillfully and promptly to new situations
Respect to esteem and have a sense of worth
Responsibility to be accountable regarding ownership or relationships
Safety freedom from injury or danger
Sex sexual intercourse
Socializing to associate or mingle sociably
Solitude the state of being alone
Stability the ability to create permanence
The Bible the collection of sacred writings as pertaining to Christianity
Unity to be of one mind and purpose, in spite of differences
Vulnerability to open oneself
Work one's job

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