What countries is believr available in?

🌎 Country Requests


We get asked ~ fairly often ~ about when we’ll be open in specific countries and we thought it’d be helpful to lay out our process for opening new countries.


It's incredibly important to us to open believr intentionally and with extreme care. Let's be real - every country is unique. Where LGBTQ+ or Christian people hang out, what we value, what we watch, etc is all very different. We acknowledge that at times companies have opened in other countries and have done it poorly without the buy-in and context from people that live in that country. It's incredibly important to us that we do this sustainably and honor the people in each country we open up in. 

The Process

Step 1

  • The country with the most votes from our Country Request list will be prioritized first.
  • We will review the list on a quarterly basis.

Step 2 

  • The believr team will do an initial review of the data to see if the country is viable or not. 
    • Data Privacy Laws/Regulations, LGBTQ+ Laws/Regulations, Business Laws/Regulations, Etc. 
  • Once the believr team confirms the country is viable we will start looking for a Country Lead.
  • believr will 'turn on' the app in the App Stores so that users can download it and join the waitlist for their country.

Step 3 - Research

  • The Country Lead will start the research phase for the country. This process involves researching how many LGBTQ Christians are in the country, where they hang out both in-person and online, who they follow online, start to build a point of view on how to build the community, etc. 
  • believr will start to reach out to influencers and chat with them about partnering.
  • This is the most time-intensive part of the process and can take up to a year or two depending on how quickly we can build an audience. 

Step 4 - Beta

  • believr customizes the app for that specific country. That could mean custom community spaces, languages, features, etc. 
  • Community members are able to download the app and start to match with other users.

Step 5 - Public

  • believr will have a public launch event with local influencers, release a PR release, etc.

Current Countries by Stage

We prioritize the list of countries here.


  • United States of America


  • Canada


  • Australia
  • United Kingdom
  • Brazil


  • United States of America
  • Canda
  • United Kingdom
  • South Africa
  • Australia
  • New Zealand

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