Why can't I filter by ____?

If you're looking to filter by something that's not available in the app right now we recommend putting it in your bio!

believr is intentionally lite on filtering because we’ve seen how filtering can cause incredible harm in our community (for example ethnicity filtering) andddd it’s not close to real life. Mobile apps are great but they can strip the dignity of our humanity so quickly with checkboxes and dropdowns.

Our rationale is if you’re at church or a coffee shop and you approach another human maybe strike up a conversation or ask them out. You have no idea if the person you’re chatting with is looking for a celibate relationship, side b, side a, polyamorous, etc. we want believr to be a place where you can find connection. And we’d hope that if someone approached you in a coffee shop to chat you won’t ignore them or “swipe right” but maybe exchange a few words and make a connection if it feels right or never speak to them again it doesn’t.

Another aspect of this is, to be honest, the LGBTQ+ Christian community isn’t massive, we’re a % of a %, we’re not tiny (there are about ~11 million of us in the United States alone) but the idea that you’ll find the perfect match that fits every single one of your criteria who also is 5 miles away from you isn’t realistic.

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